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Hello my name is Tamal Anwar, and I am the one web designer & digital marketer you will love to work with. I will take care all of the technical stuff while you can concentrate on growing your client base. Feel free to get started below,

Custom Design
Custom WordPress, HTML, COS designs

Web Hosting
Web hosting that fits best for your website

Email Software
Email design & auto responder service

Monthly webmaster service provided

SEO Optimized
Following industry best practices

Social Media
Major social media accounts setup

Security & Backups
Latest CMS updates & security patches

Faster Support
Support through email or skype

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I needed a great looking website and hired Tamal to do the job. He totally exceeded my expectations. And that’s saying a lot because I have worked with LOTS of web designers. His English is good, his skills are good — he’s the full package so if you need web design, contact him. It’ll be worth it.
Copywriter & Author
Mike Jezek
Copywriter & Author
I found Tamal Anwar on Google. Mr Anwar is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and reliable. His has the ability to teach his expertise in ways that can be understood by everyone, even beginners. Whether you want to learn or simply hire someone to do the job, I strongly recommend Mr Anwar.
Director, Commnation
Catherine Daar
Director, Commnation
Tamal is a thorough professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. His approach to his work is exemplary and is totally focussed on customer satisfaction. Tamal is extremely creative in his designs and I would recommend Tamal to anyone interested in his services.
Owner, Rice Training
John Rice
Owner, Rice Training

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Hi my name is Tamal Anwar,

I have a passion for web design and I am designing websites for more than 6 years. I help entrepreneurs and small business owners with affordable and custom web design services.

Along with that, I also provide domain name registration, web hosting, video tutorials on how to manage your websites, email marketing, webmaster services, support & consultation at the members only club.

Now there is a difference between me and other web designers,

Majority of the web designers out there are creative people, not business people. They are sensitive and all they care is how good a web design looks like.

But I have a business mind.

I have a background in business; I started my own tee-shirt design business when I was 15 years old. I am a successful internet marketer for 6 years now.

How your website looks like, accounts for just 10% of your overall internet marketing plan. If you want to succeed with your digital marketing you need a website that performs better, in terms of user experience, search engine & social media optimization.

You need to work with a person who communicates in business language, not creative language. I will help you how to maximize your web potential and ROI with my small business web design services.

This is because you are not here to win a beauty contest, you are here to make money, and to make money you need a high performing website.

I take your entire load off the shoulder for the tech stuff while you focus on the important bit: Your customers.

You don’t have to deal with domain names, nameservers, web hosting, updates, CMS, technology changes, web standards, backups, dealing with online threats or any other crap. All you gotta do is to get one of my web design packages and a monthly membership and you are all set.

And my services doesn’t even cost tens of thousands of dollars like others, I offer services that entrepreneurs or small business owners can easily afford.

See you on the other side!

Tamal Anwar