How To Block Someone On Facebook

If you do not want someone to see your updates entirely, and cant even contact you, you can then block them. Here I will show you how to block someone on facebook. Watch on youtube

How To Upload Video To Facebook

Did you know you can also upload video to facebook? Here I will show how to upload video to facebook. Watch on youtube

How To Share a Link On Facebook, Adding Links From Other Websites

You can share a link on facebook from outside sources. This will then render a nice preview of that link with text and images. Here let me show you how to share a link from other sites to facebook. Watch on youtube

How To Change Cover Photo on Facebook

In your facebook profile there is a area to setup a wide banner on top, this is called the cover photo on facebook. In this video I will share how you can change your cover photo on facebook. Watch on youtube

How To Sign Up for Facebook Account, Make a New Facebook Account

Let me teach you how to sign up for facebook account. It’s very simple just visit, enter your personal details and click on sign up. After that you just have to verify your email address. Watch the video to make a new facebook account. Watch on YouTube

Twitter Training: Twitter For Beginners – 2015 Updated

Twitter training is a course for beginners in twitter. I use step by step videos to teach you about the basics of twitter. I show you how to create a new twitter account and then walk you through all the basic functionality of this social network. Get this course for 60% off, just $19! (Usually […]

Facebook Training: Facebook for Beginners – 2015 Updated

In the facebook for beginners course, I take you by hand and help you learn everything from signing up for a facebook account to how you can properly adjust your privacy and then posting your first status update. It does not end there, I will help you learn all the core features of a new […]

When You Should Stop Doing Yourself And Hire A WordPress Designer?

Working on your own website is a fun thing to do. You get to learn so many things while doing it yourself. But when your website is there for a purpose to help you achieve something, you cannot just spend hours playing with it. There is always a time when you will feel that there […]

WordPress or HTML5 Website -Know the Difference

So few months back when I finally got the chance to grab, I did not installed the default wordpress CMS as I do with all my sites. This time I took a chill and went for an HTML5 based setup. I wanted to do it all myself, hardcode everything, nothing fancy, all raw. Then […]

10 Things I Do after Setting up WordPress for the First Time

Hey friends, greetings! I am happy and excited to launch yet another wordpress based website. And this time it’s my very own website in wordpress platform. Everytime I setup a new website (AKA install wordpress) I have to do a list of things before I even start to write the content. So without wasting any […]