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Do you have a really old website from the 1990s?

old website from the 1990s

Why all these suck?

  1. The narrow width makes your site look tiny, which is bad in the age of wide-screens
  2. 3D design: Not just it’s ugly, it takes up more memory to produce
  3. Text should be created with text for search engine visibility
  4. Flash is an outdated technology, so many of your site visitors are not seeing it
  5. Low res photos undermine your brand image in the age of retina displays
  6. Choppy fonts also makes your site look old and ugly, you need something smoother
  7. Outdated copyright year is a dead giveaway that your site is not being taken care of
  8. With more than 50% of people visiting from mobile, your site has to scale properly

And here’s what a modern and high performing website should be:

anatomy of a modern website

How this new site will help?

  1. This page width takes full advantage of wide-screens, it also scales well on laptops and small desktops. This gives your site a wide coverage to all your customers visiting from various devices.
  2. Flat design concept saves on memory space, so your site loads quicker and makes your customers happier. A better user experience means more conversions.
  3. An explainer video or slideshow is your opportunity to showcase what you offer.
  4. Prominent call to action makes it easier for random website visitors to enter your marketing funnel and become a lead.
  5. 90% of your site visitors never come back. Email capture form collects leads so you can follow up with them.
  6. Social media links help your customers connect with you in other social sites. It gives you another opportunity to keep them in your marketing funnel.
  7. The modern WordPress platform always stays updated and keeps your site secure. It is easier to add/edit new pages to your website with a click of a button.



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