Web Design

Welcome to my services page. You will find all the internet marketing related services that I offer. I am a self taught wordpress web designer, internet marketer and a consultant. I have 6+ years experience working online that you can borrow from me for a little fee. I provide the following services,

  • Web & graphics design
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online Branding
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Consultation & coaching
  • Virtual assistant services
  • Monthly maintenance service


Web & graphics design

In recent times a website is a must have component in your overall marketing plan. I offer clean & professional looking web designs for my clients. I am well versed with WordPress CMS (Content management system) I build and design standard websites, blogs, forums, e-commerce sites, membership sites, sales pages, magazine sites and news sites. I have worked with many paid themes from wordpress including WooThemes, Thesis Theme and Genesis Themes. In addition to that I am a graphics designer; I design logos and banners for the web. I have an eye for perfection and professionalism. If you have a design, I can code; if you have an idea, I can design and code.

Social media marketing

I provide social media marketing services, starting with social media account setup, design and maintenance. I will also be adding social media sharing buttons on your website; auto post your content on social hubs; add social streams on your site; add facebook comments on your website. I offer my service for all the major social media channels such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, pinterest, youtube etc. In addition to that I also provide social media marketing consultation services.

Search engine optimization

I have learned search engine optimization SEO best practices by working on my own blog, client sites and learning from industry leaders. The way I do SEO is focused on quality blog writing, social media & relation building. This has helped me to gain 1,500 visitors a day to my blog for FREE. Your average SEO guy will tell you to build links, but I will tell you to build relationships with your visitors, other bloggers and industry experts. I start doing SEO from the web design stage. I follow all the SEO best practices in optimizing and speeding up the site I am working on. Since I know both SEO and Social Media Marketing, you can rank higher easily.

Email marketing

You must have heard that you should start building your list, but how? I offer exclusive email marketing solutions to my clients. I offer list building platform (hosted or self hosted) setup & maintenance services. You need to grab the attention of your prospect and look professional. I design email sign up forms that will increase your opt in rates. I design custom email templates so that you will look professional in the eyes of your prospect. How do you make sure your emails are getting opened and not being marked as spam? I follow industry best practices so your email will have higher chances of delivery.

Affiliate marketing

I am a blogger and an affiliate marketer, this is why I have the expertise required to work on affiliate marketing related sites. If you are building a website, sales page/squeeze page then I can help you with the solutions. I have experience with creating niche websites, adsense sites, exit pages, upsells-downsells, cloaking affiliate links, affiliate management and list building.

Consultation & coaching

I am a consultant and a coach. I am more than willing to teach you what I have learned online if you have the time. You can get consultation or coaching through skype video call. I teach web design, internet marketing, social media, SEO and everything that is related to e-businesses. You can also join my BlogKori Academy to watch videos and learn.

Virtual assistant services

I have a small team of virtual assistants. If you are looking for a dependable person to work on tasks, writing, web research, email communications, data entry then feel free to get in touch. Hourly rates starts from $1-$9