I Will Install Sendy Email Marketing Software for $10

Do you own a copy of Sendy self hosted email marketing software? Need some professional help to set it up and make it working? Just for $5 I will install the latest version of sendy.co to your web hosting account, domain or sub-domain.

Sendy is a self hosted email marketin software which let’s you send emails for cheap, cheaper than Mailchimp or Aweber.

Get a copy of Sendy here, if you haven’t got one yet.

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Basic Silver Package $10 

You will have a basic sendy installation

  • I will create a sub-domain or sub-directory for sendy
  • I will upload the latest version of sendy to your server
  • I will create the database to use for sendy
  • I will do the php configuration for sendy
  • I will run the installation with your given Amazon keys


Gold $20

For a total of $20 you will get all the features of Silver + the full installation of sendy including

  • I will create bounces and complaints in Amazon SES
  • I will request SES to increase your sending quota
  • I will verify your domain or email for sendy
  • I will create a test campaign and send it to you


Platinum $50

For a grand $50 you get all above and also

  • I will add cron jobs in your server
  • I will use DKIM verification
  • I will clean up your email for better spam score
  • I will setup an email sign up form and add it on your site
  • I will create a simple HTML email template for sendy

Please contact me first before ordering.