My Favorite YouTube Channels

YouTube has been a great part of my e learning & entertainment. Below I have come up with a list of my current favorive YouTube channels. By taking a glance at the list you will learn some more about my personality, you will know what kind of things interest me as a person. You will also […]


When You Should Stop Doing Yourself And Hire A WordPress Designer?

Working on your own website is a fun thing to do. You get to learn so many things while doing it yourself. But when your website is there for a purpose to help you achieve something, you cannot just spend hours playing with it. There is always a time when you will feel that there […]


WordPress or HTML5 Website -Know the Difference

So few months back when I finally got the chance to grab, I did not installed the default wordpress CMS as I do with all my sites. This time I took a chill and went for an HTML5 based setup. I wanted to do it all myself, hardcode everything, nothing fancy, all raw. Then […]


10 Things I Do after Setting up WordPress for the First Time

Hey friends, greetings! I am happy and excited to launch yet another wordpress based website. And this time it’s my very own website in wordpress platform. Everytime I setup a new website (AKA install wordpress) I have to do a list of things before I even start to write the content. So without wasting any […]