Hi this is Tamal Anwar Chowdhury (তমাল আনোয়ার চৌধুরী)

I’m a freelance web designer, internet marketer and I am from Habiganj, Bangladesh.

I learned how to design websites in 2004 and published my first website in 2007. This was my first website in a free platform.

After that I moved onto blogging.

I used a free blog and made money from it. I then created a new blog to share the things I learned so far. That website was called BlogKori.com where I write about online business, digital marketing and share my expertise.

I received some requests from my blog readers to help them with their websites. That’s when I started working as a freelance web designer in 2009.

One thing that motivated me the most was to build websites and learning new digital skills. Fortunately I was never held in a job, I do this online thing full-time.

After 8 or so years I have worked on more than 100 website projects. Learned tons of stuff (still learning) and applying them to build modern and functional websites.

At the moment I do web design, I build custom themes for WordPress, I write articles in this website and also teach people various skills via video training on Udemy.

In my personal space I love to spend time with my family, watch action/adventure movies, play video games, and learn ways for improving my health. My dream job is to make movies.

Want to get in touch with me? Send me a line, or get updates from me by joining my mailing list.

~Tamal Anwar